Hiking and trekking in Dana natural reserve


Rummana Trail
Round Trip Distance: 2.5 km / Time: 2 hours / Grade: Medium-Hard
The Rummana Trail leads from the campsite to the scenic summit of Rummana (Pomegranate) Mountain. You will pass some magnificent rock structures with mysterious mushroom-shaped formations and you may see birds-of-prey, such as the Kestrel, Long-legged Buzzard and Griffon Vulture, soaring along the mountain edge. On your way down from the summit, you will pass remnants of a military site dating from the Hellenistic period and an old Roman well. The hike down to the campsite continues through a beautiful Juniper forest.

Rates: US $ 50 per person (Starts from the campsite and finish there)

Campsite Trail
Round Trip Distance: 2 km / Time: 1 hour / Grade: Easy / Guided or self-guided / Open 15th March to 1st November
This trail is an easy hike around the Rummana campsite area. It is a good place to see the Crested Lark and Desert Lark, drab colored birds with the sweetest of songs. You may also see colorful species such as Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Palestine Sunbird, and Pale Rosefinch drinking at a specially-provided water-pool near the campsite. You will walk along the rim of Wadi Shagg al Duggleh and will be able to see ancient caves, the steeply cut “Wadi of the Dog” and Dana Village, before returning to the campsite by the dirt road.

Rates: US $ 40 per person

Sunset Tower Tour 
Round Trip / Distance: 2 km / Time: ½ hour 
This tour from Rummana Campsite to the tower is available upon request.

Rates: US $ 35 per person

Dana Village Trail
Distance (one way): 5 km / Time: 4 hours / Grade: Hard / Guided only
The Dana Village Trail links the Rummana Campsite with Dana Village. It is a rough trail that involves some scrambling over rock surfaces. You will walk along the rim of Wadi Shagg al Kelbe, and then contour round the steep slopes of Wadi Dana. The trail leads into the terraced gardens of Dana Village, where villagers cultivate fruits and herbs, and onto Dana Village, where you can see the old Ottoman houses and traditional lifestyle of the villagers. It ends at the RSCN visitor center, a short distance to the south of the village.

Rates: US $ 55 per person

Cave Trail
Round Trip Distance: 1 km / Time 1.5 hours / Grade: Medium / Open 15th March to 1st November / Self-guided
The Cave Trail is a rugged trail leading from the campsite access road to a group of 27 ancient caves carved into the side of a mountain. The hike follows along the slopes of Shagg al Kelbe, “Wadi of the Dog”. The caves were used from the Nabatean to early Islamic periods. Several animals, including the Hyena, Wolf and Wild Cat, are known to frequent these caves. The caves provide an excellent spot for viewing the reserve. From the caves, you can see Shagg al Kelbe in front of you, and Wadi Dana and the old Dana Village to your left.

Rates: US $ 30 per person

Village Tour
Round Trip / Distance: 2 km / Time: 2 hours Grade: easy / Self-guided or guided
Visit some spectacular viewpoints above Dana Village, while exploring the terraced gardens and local community craft workshops.

Rates: US $ 45 per person

White Dome Trail
One way / Distance: 8 km / Time: 4 hours / Grade: moderate / Guided / Links Campsite with Dana Village / Possible to do from both sides / 1st March to 31st October
The trail contours the huge escarpments of Wadi Dana between Rummana Camp and Dana Village. It offers breath-taking views of the canyon-like Wadi and passes through the village terraced gardens.

Rates: US $ 55 per person

Wadi Dana Trail
Distance: 14 km / Time: 5-7hrs / Guided or self guided / Available all year
This trail offers a spectacular downhill walk from Dana to Feynan through the sandstone gorge of Wadi Dana. It is possible to stay overnight in the Feynan Eco-lodge. Return transport to Dana can be arranged. 

Rates: US $ 80 per person

Nawatef Trail
Round Trip / Distance: 2 km / Time: 2 hours / Grade: easy – moderate / Guided / Available all year
This circular trail starts from al- Barra area to the beautiful springs and ancient ruins in Nawatef area. 

Rates: US $ 35 per person

Feathers Canyon Trail (Shaq al Reesh)
Round trip / Distance: 3 km / Time: 3-4 hours / Grade: moderate – hard / No fear of heights / Guided / Available all year / Must have no fear of heights
A circular 3-4 hours hike to a breathtaking siq from al- Barra to Shaq al reesh passing rock arena containing Nabatean tombs.

Rates: US $ 45 per person

Wadi Dathneh Trail
One way / Distance: 16 km / Time: 6-8 hours / Grade: moderate – hard / No fear of heights / Guided / Available all year
This difficult hike is very suitable for adventure lovers. The route descends Wadi Dathneh, past an oasis, through wadi al hamra to the Feynan area.

Rates: US $ 90 per person

Sunset Tour
Round trip / Distance: 1 km / Time: ½ hour

Rates: US $ 20 per person

Feynan Trail
Distance (one way): 14 km / Time: 5 – 6 hours / Grade: Medium / Guided only 
This is a long but relatively easy trail that follows a dirt track the whole length of Wadi Dana and links Dana Village to the western gateway of the Reserve in Feynan. The trail can be walked from ‘both ends’ and passes through all the vegetation zones of the reserve, from Mediterranean scrub forest around Dana Village to the open stony deserts of Wadi Feynan. Just before the start of the trail in Feynan is RSCN’s new Eco-lodge , where you can get refreshments, see goat leather and candle workshops, and stay overnight to explore the surrounding area, famous as an ancient center of copper mining.

Rates: US $ 90 per person

Feynan Copper Mine Trail
Round trip / Distance: 3 km. / Time: 2hours /Grade: easy / Guided / 1st Sep to 30th June
This short trail starts from the Lodge and visits ancient copper mines and the impressive tell of Khirbet Feynan, with its Byzantine churches and graves.

Rates: US $ 45 per person

Wadi Ghwair Trail 
One way / Distance: 8 km, / Time: 3-4 hours / Grade: easy / Guided / 1st Sept to 30th June 
This easy riverbed trail starts from Feynan Eco-Lodge, going via Khirbet Feynan, with its Byzantine archaeology, to Wadi Feynan. It continues along the gravel river bed of the Wadi, alongside a flowing stream, to the entrance to Wadi Ghweir. If time permits, a small excursion will be made into the Ghweir canyon.

Rates: US $ 60 per person




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