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Rate Per Person  325 $

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Egypt - sinai - trekking:


High Mountain trekking In Sinai at St. Catherine area.

this program is good during the summer as it is very cold during the winter . 

Day 1- Meet and assist at Sharm El Sheikh airport .. transfer to St. Catherine area over night in a hostel. 

Day 2- Start our trek after we load our food and luggage ( we will minimize the luggage size as we can leave some with the Bedouin store house .. ) we will start our trek by Naqeb Abu Jeifa. then to Wadi Zawateen. for the first night camp. 

Day 3- From wadi Zawateen to Wadi Jebal  to Farsh El Romana. 

Day 4- We will trek to El Kalt El Azrak. (the biggest water pool) there is a big chance to swim , then we trek to Abu Tweita. camp. 

Day 5- Trek to wadi el Shaque ( optional climb Mt. Abass Basha)

then walk to the end of wadi el shaque. camp. 

Day 6- Trek to wadi Ahmar to wadi Arbaein ( behind Jabel Mousa) camp. 

Day 7- Early morning climb Mt. Sinai  then trek down to the Monastery of St. Catherine for visit . rest and sleep at the hostel of the monastery for the showering and cleaning .

Day 8- Day of departure. 


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