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(Mezada), on the left bank of the Dead Sea, is where the once luxurious palace of King Herod still stands (and site of the famous seige), perched on a clifftop. It can be reached by cable car or a winding footpath and there is a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and the pink mountains of Moab from here.
Other interesting sights around the Dead Sea include Mount Sodom, a 13km- (8 mile-) long mountain range made up of pure salt which has many caves with extraordinary hanging salt formations, and Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls, written by Essene scribes, were discovered in ancient pottery jars. The discovery of the Scrolls was made in 1947 by an Arab shepherd looking for a stray goat. Seven scrolls were found, the most famous being the scroll of Isaiah, which is 1 foot wide and 24 feet long. Excavations at the site found more than 900 pieces of scrolls in more than 30 caves. Except for two scrolls written on copper, all the scrolls were written on leather and papyrus.

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60km (41 miles) long and 17km (11 miles) wide, the Dead Sea is an inland lake lying 400m (1320ft) below sea level in the lower part of the Jordan Valley, flanked by the Judean Mountains to the west and the Moab Mountains to the east. It has more minerals and salt than any other body of water in the world and is renowned for its rejuvenating and health-giving properties. There are a number of health spas and resorts in the area. A range of cosmetic and therapeutic products, containing Dead Sea minerals, are available worldwide. Spas are found in the Dead Sea region offering a variety of treatments, including mud packs, salt massages and salt water pools.

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Daily tours to Masada and Dead Sea

Tour itinerary:

Descend to the Judean Desert via the inn of the Good Samaritan. Ascend Massada by cable car to tour the 2000-year-old fortress and palace built by King Herod. Drive via Ein Gedi, stop at Qumran, view the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Float in the mineral-rich Dead Sea - at 400m. below sea level, the lowest place on earth. Take a mud-bath! And benefit from the therapeutic qualities of the natural Dead Sea mud. Drive back to Jerusalem with over view of Jerico and old Roman Road.

Rates starts at: 90 US $ per person
Recommended hats, bathing suits, towels, comfortable shoes and beach thongs.