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We offer daily Jeep safari to Wadi Rum, Wadi Araba, Wadi Namal, old Hayy and old villages, please contact us for further information





We offer Jeep safari in Syrian desert, Sinai Desert, Neqev Desert, and Jordan's desert, please contact us for further information

jeep safaris:

Spend a few memorable days with us. You will marvel at the magnificent scenery, visit historic copper mines and see Moab lands. Learn the names of trees and wild flowers. Our expert guides will describe the geology, mineralogy, and the colorful history of the area.

A special Jeep Safari tour has been designed. We will track wildlife and view Dana natural reserve, Petra, mountain goats Wadi Rum, Wadi Araba and the black mountains with an occasional golden or bald eagle. We also visit  Bedouin tribes.




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Jeep safaris in Wadi Rum ....

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We can also arrange your reservations for other fun-filled activities while in the country, such as springs, Live with nomads, drive on top of high mountains, jump on sand hills, and Sandune area - the rappelling Rockies!