Trekking between Bedouin tribes 

This is special tailor-made trip between Bedouin tribes in the eastern desert, we take you from your hotel in Jordan (Amman, Aqaba, or Petra) and will drive to eastern desert by Jeeps, arrive the first Bedouin family, meet the family, stay with them the night, next day either by camels or trekking in the desert to other tribe to learn more about their culture, traditions, we will wear their cloths, and eat with them their food, the woman will cook in front of us to study the way how to cook their food, we will help them with their work, and travel with them from place to other, this is can be from two days up to 10 days, to take pictures of them, and to  listen to their Bedouin stories in the evening around fire place, we will milk together their camels and ride them if interested.


Desert paramours Trek and Travel, Petra - Jordan

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